P Diddy Combs Grill

Checkout Mr. money bags himself, Sean P Diddy 'Puff Daddy' Combs as he sporting his favorite gold bottom teeth grill.

Did anyone see Diddy while on David Letterman, when he took out his grill and Dave dunked it into a glass of champagne, while looking a bit disgusted...

Diddy said: "Don't act like that".

Ying Yang Twins Grill

Here we see the hip hop duo known as the Ying Yang Twins, with one half flashing some bling and rocking a nice golden upper and lower grill.

This one of my favorite styles of grills, nice and tight without all that excess bulky metal which is super uncomfortable. Ying Yang power!

Jaws Teeth Grill

If you wanna talk about old school teeth grills, i would estimate that Richard Kiel as Jaws in the legendary James bond films is one of the very first to wear a grill on the big screen. Who knew that Richard Kiel was a trend setter all these years.